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To better understand the information, read this first:

Summaries of all accidents, both roads: 



There were 361 accidents on High and State Sts. the three years of 2011-2013.

Only ONE was caused by speeding.

26 of those involved pedestrians or bicyclists;
19 were the direct fault of the ped or biker,
NOT the drivers.

State Street High Street
Documents/StateSt2011-14823.PDF Documents/HighSt2011-11215.PDF
Documents/StateSt2011-17741.PDF Documents/HighSt2011-12395.PDF
Documents/StateSt2011-3695.PDF Documents/HighSt2011-19322.PDF
Documents/StateSt2011-4354C.PDF Documents/HighSt2011-22065.PDF
Documents/StateSt2011-5784.PDF Documents/HighSt2011-8708C.PDF
Documents/StateSt2011-8646C.PDF Documents/HighSt2012-2928.PDF
Documents/StateSt2012-32050.PDF Documents/HighSt2012-30443.PDF
Documents/StateSt2012-39403.PDF Documents/HighSt2012-46921.PDF
Documents/StateSt2012-428.PDF Documents/HighSt2013-16475.PDF
Documents/StateSt2012-930.PDF Documents/HighSt2013-24358.PDF
Documents/StateSt2013-22871.PDF Documents/HighSt2013-28924.PDF
Documents/StateSt2013-28225.PDF Documents/HighSt2013-31750.PDF
Documents/StateSt2013-8119.PDF Documents/HighSt2013-754.PDF

Note that State has a Critical Rate factor of .87; High a CRF of 1.07.

The CRF is an engineering safety standard comparing a specific road to those of others of similar types  in the state.  "1.00" means the road is "as safe" as the rest in the state.

Thus , State is actually SAFER than other roads of its type elsewhere, and High is slightly more dangerous.....

            This is the  various agenda information created by or for the study committee
                                   since July 2014, as of March 2015:

Documents/State and High JAN 7 PAC Meeting PPT_SHOW.pdf
Documents/State and High January 7 PAC Data Figures_201501261447386635.pdf
Documents/State and High July 30 2014 Handout _201408041136328334.pdf
Documents/State and High July 30 PAC Meeting PPT SHOW 7-27-14_1_201408041137474896.pdf
Documents/State and High New England Conversion Experience Showing Changes Implemented_201501261446068654.pdf
Documents/State and High October 2 2014 Study Update_201410161151075309.pdf
Documents/State and High PAC 1-7-15 final_201501261446526316.pdf
Documents/State and High PAC 7-30-14 Meeting Notes 2-1_201501261500177357.pdf
Documents/State and High Pro Con Matrix Jan 015_201501221321269421.pdf
Documents/State and High Sept 8 Public Workshop PPT 9.2.14_201501221320259101.pdf
Documents/State and High SH_PublicMeeting_9-8-14 _201501221320362696.pdf
Documents/State and High Study Area Map_201408250937364468.pdf
Documents/State-High December 31 2014 Update_201501261446536629.pdf