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     Capisic Street
      Capisic Street runs between outer Brighton

      Avenue  and Stevens  Avenue

       It's largely a residential area, but has The
      Breakwater School, a private elementary
      school, at the junction of Brighton and Capisic.
      (click on map for larger image

       What is notable about it is that it has four
       more speed tables on it, added illegally after
       the Traffic Calming Ordinance was enacted,
       and after a set of roundabouts was installed
       that lasted just three weeks! Teenagers were WHAPPING  through the stanchions in their
       cars, which the locals found disconcerting, so the stanchions were cut down to half their
       original size, then removed altogether.

      Towards its eastern end  it also has a large culvert under it that drains Capisic Pond.
      Nothing strange about that, except that an engineering mistake when it was constructed
      left a large hump in the road over the culvert,  as the engineers forgot to take into account
      the diameter of the culvert. That hump visually covers up the speed table that lies just
      beyond it if you are coming in from the West, so it's a good one-two bounce when you
      travel that section!
August 2002: This actually is arted. I got there after the poles had been ripped out or removed, but they are in their original positions.

This is about what you would see coming into one of the roundabouts. It was quite the thing at night in headlights.

Below is the same photo without the poles added. 
A lot of people were hitting the small concrete "bumps" that necked the whole round down.

This is one of the concrete pads. The bases have been moved off the butyl adhesive, which takes a LOT of force!

One of the bases, cracked. I called Safe-Hit for some information on the durability of these bases, and was told that they hit these constructions 200+ times in testing, with no problems.

July 24,  2002 This is after a week or so of use.
The stanchions took a beating from the start.
July 24, 2002  A little old lady almost had a head-on collision here when she came out of the street at right and wanting to turn right, went around  this side of the circle, turning right into the oncoming lane.

Jan 2013: Capisic was re-topped along it's whole length in 2012, so the tables which were about 3" are now about 2" high, with a nice soft transition....almost not there. Nice to see. There is no evidence of the circles at all anymore, and the whole project is pretty much moribund.