Stop Chicken Little: The Truth about Traffic Calming  in Portland, Maine



Deering Oaks

Peninsula Traffic Study

MDOT Questions

Chapter 9

Rose Garden Myth

Preface    Myth, Reality

Principles / Objectives


Deering Oaks / State St.

State/High 2 Way

Stevens Avenue

Brighton Avenue

Capisic Street


Stop Signs

                  The Deering Oaks Project:
                        MDOT Questions

The release of the Peninsula study in 2004 brought with it many questions. State Traffic Engineer Steve Landry had a bunch, all about the Oaks Project. 

He wrote a letter to Gorrill-Palmer, C.E.; in August of 2004 expressing his concern and questions.

Reading between the lines, you can sense his confusion as to just what was going on, and why such a poor plan as Plan S-2 was being promoted.

That letter can be seen here.

It took a YEAR, but G-P got back to him, with just as much prevarication and misdirection as was in the Study itself.

THAT answer to Landry can be seen here.

Not a happy read.