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                  Buxtehude, Germany /
         Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine

            Buxtehude is the town in Germany where the traffic study was done that 
            was used for justifying the funding for the Stevens Avenue Project.
            Things in Buxtehude must be a lot like those in Deering Center.

Let’s take a look: 

  Buxtehude, Germany – main street through village.      Buxtehude Canal 
Somehow the street look and layout are not quite matching  up for me.

This picture above does have some relation to the Stevens Project. Paula Craighead, the woman who started the whole mess back in 1992, originally wanted to build 2-foot high, 2-foot wide planters along the length of Stevens Avenue between Ludlow Street and Walton Street, as a “beautification” effort . Just add water to that, and voila! : Buxtehude!

  Stevens Avenue, main street through Deering Center, Portland.    


Instead of a nice water view, we got nice asphalt and cans. It had kind of a retro-industrial  feel. The cones were added because cars were destroying the curbs within 2 hours of their installation, as you can see by the notches on the edges.

Notice also the elimination of the bike lanes and parking areas.

This was our City Council  “beautification” effort, according to them, but it just didn’t fly with the locals, for some reason.

$425,000 later, things got back to normal.


Groningen, Germany also gets mentioned as being a good example for Deering Center  to emulate. Well, Maybe not.......Cute though......