Stop Chicken Little: The Truth about Traffic Calming  in Portland, Maine



  2012:  Annotated graphs added to Stevens Avenue Project Air Quality page, for clarity.

             Accident records split out on Stevens Avenue Project Vehicle Accident
             and Pedestrian Accident pages for clarity ; separates 1993 and 1998 reports.

             Text errors in Deering Oaks Pages corrected.

             Two opponent petitions added to Petitions list on the Public Concern page, along
              with proponent list.

              Addition of new page on the State / High Streets Two-way project. Deering Oaks
              congestion redux...

               January: Addition of High/State Project Page 2, with Committee updates,
                               list of members and links to the accident section,  information from Portland
                               PD / MDOT.
                March : Addition of Accident and Study Committee Documents.

                               Addition of the Outer Congress St. redesign page : taking Congress from 4
                                lanes to just 2.

                                Addition of the Libbytown Project page; $335,000 spent for nothing.