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          Franklin Arterial Documentation page

Accident reports: I high recommend reading this first so as to be able to understand the reports: Documents/DescriptionofRates.pdf

Documents/Report 2011-7026.PDF Documents/Report 2012-31780.PDF
Documents/Report 2012-46809.PDF Documents/Report 2012-35990.PDF
Documents/Report 2013-12860.PDF Documents/Report 2013-13003.PDF
Documents/Report 2013-23650.PDF  

This is the summary for the years reported : 2011-2013

Documents/Portland Franklin Arterial summary.pdf

You can see that all the accidents took place at the intersections, Marginal Way being the most problematic.

Accident summary for Franklin /Commercial St.: Documents/PortlandCommercialatFranklinsummary.PDF

Accident summary for Franklin /Marginal Way: Documents/Portland Marginal Way at Franklin summary.PDF

This is the documentation to date (April 6, 2015) that was on the Franklin Committee page:
Documents/Franklin St. MW ppt f_201409110817458317.pdf Documents/Franklin Street - Public Meeting4FINAL_201410071459235753.pdf
Documents/Franklin Street January Workshop Public Feedback Summary_201409220956277209.pdf Documents/Franklin Street Oct. 1 Public Workshop-All Comments_201410171230233292.pdf
Documents/franklincorridorstudyfinalreport_PORTLAND2009.pdf Documents/franklincorridorstudyfinalreport_201311262336568487.pdf
Documents/franklinexistingconditionspart1_201311262338178956.pdf Documents/franklinexistingconditionspart2appendix_201311262344354425.pdf
Documents/FranklinFutureConditionsReport_201405120806032354.pdf Documents/Franklinphase2factsheet_201405120836178604.pdf

Committee Members, City Staff & Consultants

Markos Miller – Committee Co-Chair

Kevin Donoghue – District 1 Councilor / Co-Chair

Mark Adelson – Portland Housing Authority

Hank Berg – Casco Bay Lines

Ethan Boxer-Macomber – Off Peninsula Portland Resident

Katie Brown – Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Association

Doug Fouse – Portland Downtown District

Jon Graback – Franklin Towers

Bill Hall – Island Representative

Steve Hewins - Portland Downtown District

Elizabeth Hoglund – Off Peninsula Portland Resident

Alex Landry – Bayside Neighborhood Organization

Christian MilNeil – East Bayside Neighborhood Organization

Hugh Nazor – India Street Neighborhood Organization

Chris O’Neil – Portland Chamber of Commerce

Sally Oldham – Greater Portland Landmarks

Jamie Parker – Portland Trails

Bob Stevens – Maine Real Estate and Development Association

City Staff

Jeremiah Bartlett – Study Manager, Traffic Engineer, City of Portland

Darryl Belz – Safety and Scoping Unit, Maine Department of Transportation

Mike Bobinsky – Director of Public Services, City of Portland

Katherine Early – Engineering Services Manager, City of Portland

Carl Eppich – Transportation Planner, Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System

Bruce Hyman – Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Portland

Jeff Levine – Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Portland

Bill Needelman – Senior Planner, City of Portland

Consultant Team

IBI Group

  • Tegin Teich – Project Manager, Transportation and Urban Planner
  • Gorill-Palmer
  • Tom Gorill, Principal
  • Molly Casto, Land Use Planner
  • Morris Communications
  • Carol Morris, President

SW Cole Engineering

Titcomb Associates