Stop Chicken Little: The Truth about Traffic Calming  in Portland, Maine




In doing the research for this site I've spoken to hundreds of people all over the world. I especially
 had some trepidation about calling the federal agencies- I figured that they would be too busy for little old me and my minor questions.

Such is not the case- everyone at all levels was very helpful and informative.

I would really like to thank:

The rank and file, of many Portland departments and agencies: DPW,  Fire and Police departments, and City Hall. I promised I would not identify them by name. They are afraid of getting fired. You know who you are, and thanks for keeping me going.

            Tom Gorrill, originally of DeLuca-Hoffman, Inc., and now Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers, Inc., the engineer who was in charge of the original Stevens Avenue traffic studies. Those studies were the basis for this whole site. He was and is  always open for discussion, even though we have been on opposite sides of the Stevens Avenue argument. He is working for his client, not me.  His reports have been misused and abused by the Portland City Council to support the Stevens Project, even though they really do not.

            John Duncan and David Willauer, of the Greater Portland Council of Governments PACTS office. True gentlemen, always polite and willing to supply arcane information from their files, even though they knew it would be used against them.

           Emily Wilcox, Berkeley, Cal.--of Road Access for Disabled Americans (RADA)- Emily has severe scoliosis and works to further the right of the disabled for access to the nations streets. She tires easily, but remains a ceaseless fighter of humps- they severely aggravate her back problem.

           Kathleen Calongne, Boulder Colorado--one of the founders of Seconds Count, a Boulder group that has done in-depth studies on the detrimental effects of humps on emergency vehicle response (and it IS detrimental!). Her website is now at:

       The Federal Highway Administration, particularly:

                        CMAQ HEADS:  Michael Savonis , Dan Wheeler, Mike Koontz

                        Safety engineering office:  Ernie Huckaby, Paul Harker   

                        Senior Design Engineer: Seppo Sillan  

                        Safety design and Operation:  Andy Umbs 

                        Federal Road Design Office: Dwight Horn  

                       Office of Highway Safety:  Hank Sandhusen

                        Safety and System Applications, Office of Injury Control Programs; Assoc. Admin.
                         James Hidland

                        Emergency Medical Services Division: Jeff Michael 

                        Social Service Analysis-planning: Brenda Craig                 

                        Assistant team leader for rewrite of AASHTO green book: Linda Brown

                        FHWA Fatal Accident Reporting System

                        Office of highway safety/ pedestrian/bike expert: Brian Gilleran

                        Planning's bike/ped safety team leader: John Fegan

                         Maine FHWA: Steve Beningo, John Duer, John Laraviere


    Environmental Protection Agency --New England

                        Office of Echo System Protection (CAQ)
                             David ConroyDonald CookPeter Hagerty  


                        John Dority, Steve Landry; Chief Traffic engineer.

                        Carl Croce-Planning

                        Mike Danforth

                        Brad Foley—Urban Arterial Highway Program:

                        John Balicki:    pedestrian/bike coordinator

                        Peter Coughlin -(LTAP rep for Maine) 

                        Mike Hoover – regional planner and RTAP for southern Maine

                        Greg Costello- Accident Records Section

                        Kevin Doring- MDOT Air Quality lawyer

                        Bruce Ibarguen - Traffic



                     Robert Walters, Arkansas DOT-- head of AASHTO Geometric Design Task Force


 John Clement --  City of Malibu

                     Terry Sanville, Wayne Peterson--San Luis Opisbo Traffic calming office


                       Ian Lockwood --West Palm Beach TE


                       Ed Walter -- international expert on traffic calming.


                      Bruce Monroe –MDOT Dept. of Traffic and Safety 


                        John Thomas-Rochester; Monroe County Department of Environmental Services,  
                                                Woonerf   study.                                                  

                        Albany, NYS  Dept. of Transportation Traffic Engineering and Safety Division

                                    Dave Woodin--traffic safety

                                    Bill Logan-- traffic engineer.


                       Ellis McCoy, Portland--Traffic Calming Office.


                         David Flannery Charleston:--lawyer handling Midwest Ozone Coalition case against
                         EPA Region I

                        Steve Roberts, W. Va. Chamber of Commerce- handling EPA case for W. Va. with



                         Transportation Research Labs,  


                        Andrew O'Brien--Victoria, Traffic Engineering Office  author of report Portland  City Council  used to support the Stevens Project- though it really does not, according to Andrew.


                        Traffic Engineering Office