Original 2004 Peninsula Traffic Study Committee

(Note that some of these people are being dropped by the Study committee regulars, as they are
just interested parties, not the “inner circle” .  Councilor Griffin has died since.
The list was revised as of Sept. 2005.

Names in blue were dropped from the Committee; The ubiquitous Mayor Cloutier presiding.

     Judy Barnett, Bayside Neighborhood Association
     Bill Bray, Bancroft Street
     Mayor Jim Cloutier, City Council 
     Councilor Jim Cohen, City Council 
     Orlando Delogu, Planning Board Member 
     Charles Enders, Peaks Island Neighborhood Association 
     Mark Eyerman, Veranda Street 
     Councilor John Griffin, Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Association 
     Thomas Kinley, AAA 
     Steve Landry, Maine Dept. of Transportation 
     William Linnell, Stroudwater Neighborhood Association 
     Dr. Robert Krug, Portland Trails 
     Rena Maston, Portland’s Downtown District 
     Paul Ouellette, Woodfords Oakdale Neighborhood Association 
     Anne Pringle, President, Friends of Deering Oaks 
     Peter Quesada, Fore River Company 
     A. Robert Ruesch, Deering Neighborhood 
     Steven Scharf, Parkside Neighborhood Association 
     Ron Spinella, President, Bayside Neighborhood Association 
     Sharon Sudbay, Munjoy Hill 
     Barbara Whitten, Convention & Visitors Bureau